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zipOns for Mobility!

Welcome to befree! zipOnsĀ® pants are stylish and functional to meet the needs of the differently abled.Though clothing is a basic human need, for many people with a temporary or permanent disability, it is simply an ongoing daily hardship. The design of zipOns makes dressing and undressing safer, easier and more comfortable. They open completely on both sides with zippers that span from waist to hem, can be taken on and off without going up through the legs and can be widened from the bottom as needed. Available in youth and adult sizes and proudly made in the USA. Patent pending.


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The inspiration came from raising a little girl named Stella with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.Watching your child struggle during the recovery process from surgery or an injury is really hard.Stella underwent hip surgery in the spring of 2014 and during the lengthy recovery it was difficult to find clothing that would accommodate the casts on both her legs. A desperate attempt was made taking apart pajama bottoms and adding Velcro to the sides so that they could be taken on and off without going over the casts. A thorough search revealed that similar pants did not exist on the market. Through our collaboration, we came up with the current design that uses zippers to open completely on both sides.

Our goal is to offer a product that benefits those with disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, and provide freedom during a time when freedom feels so far away.

In 2016 there were 40 million Americans with disabilities and of these, more than 14 million reported having difficulties with daily activities such as dressing. Despite these large numbers, the differently abled population is largely underserved in the fashion industry. We are changing that by bringing our inclusive design to market.

Funding will help us in two ways. First, to keep our production in the USA with increased quantities to enter into mainstream clothing outlets and promote the differently-abled community in the fashion industry. Second, allow for expansion of our product offerings to include new fabrics, styles and types of clothing.